Origin For Event 20170510-5

Preferred:Emblem favoriteMinimum Distance:6.50°
Time:2017-05-10 23:23:37.880Maximum Distance:175.65°
Time Error:1.41 sFixed Time:no
Time RMS:0.70 sFixed Location:no
Position56.5332°S, 25.7829°WFixed Depth:no
Number of Stations:30Fixed Phase:no
Number of Phases:30Analysis Type:Manual
Reference Elevation:0 kmLocation Method:Inversion
Depth:21.90 kmEvent Type:Suspected Earthquake
Depth Error:15.50 kmAuthor:NCMS
Ellipse Major:10.70 kmComment:MANUALLY REVIEWED LOCATION
Ellipse Minor:6.60 kmOcean:South Atlantic Ocean
Ellipse Strike:183.0°Nearest Place:
Azimuth Gap:73.00°Nearest Major Place:2140 km E of Stanley, Falkland Islands