Origin For Event 20170512-3

Preferred:Emblem-favoriteMaximum Distance:148.06°
Time:2017-05-12 10:51:12.270Fixed Time:no
Time Error:2.69 sFixed Location:no
Time RMS:1.33 sFixed Depth:no
Position12.9805°N, 90.1511°WFixed Phase:no
Number of Stations:18Analysis Type:Manual
Number of Phases:18Location Method:Inversion
Depth:52.90 kmEvent Type:Suspected Earthquake
Depth Error:12.90 kmAuthor:NCMS
Ellipse Major:15.10 kmComment:MANUALLY REVIEWED LOCATION
Ellipse Minor:8.00 kmOcean:North Pacific Ocean
Ellipse Strike:95.0°Nearest Place:
Azimuth Gap:110.00°Nearest Major Place:131 km SW of San Salvador, El Salvador
Minimum Distance:3.00°